Petition for Intervenor Status

One of the reasons Preserve Rural Maine was set up as a membership based non-profit is the organization can work to present the interests of its members through a unified voice.

Intervenor status is a method for a person or organization to petition to have a voice at the negotiating table in a public process. In our case, this process is a docket at the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Docket 2021-00369 tracked the first attempt at procurement of this transmission line. We found out about this process years after the utilities, and only after receiving letters which threatened eminent domain taking of land.

This is the letter we wrote as a petition to intervene in October of 2023:

This petition was denied by the PUC because it not an “adjudicatory process”, but rather a “legislatively mandated process.”

Read the denial here:

We will continue to petition for Intervenor status in relevant dockets, as well as responding to Requests for Information.






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