Thank you for becoming a member of Preserve Rural Maine! 

Your commitment to our cause is truly appreciated and will make a significant impact on our fight to protect and preserve everything we love about rural Maine. We’d love for you to get involved, share your ideas, and participate in our events and activities. Your unique perspective and skills will enrich our collective efforts. 

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Next steps regarding the LS Power transmission line project: 

  • Our members will be represented by our legal council in any legal actions we undertake as Preserve Rural Maine.
  • Please subscribe to the substack newsletter Landowner’s Voice.  This will help us stay in contact with you, and help you stay informed about what is happening with the proposed LS Power transmission line project.
  • Contact your state Senator and Representative. If they voted against the transmission corridor (LD 924 vote roll call) – thank them, and ask if they could use your help on anything.
  • If your Senator or Rep voted in favor of LD 924, kindly and politely explain why and how this impacts you and your family.You can post a public comment on the Maine PUC website. The docket number for this case is 2021-00369.
    This is the link to post a comment.
    This is the link to review other comments.
  • The facebook page is here. It is very active.Please consider writing letters to the editor at the Portland Press Herald and the Bangor Daily News. Be nice and be courteous. These newspapers have been ignoring the environmental, financial, and cultural impacts of this proposed transmission line.

We have applied for tax exempt 501c(3) status and are waiting for the determination letter.